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Knowledge Shed

The architectural design concept of the library station is based on the traditional Chinese bamboo writing slips, which were the main media and writing medium in China with a deep cultural and historical reference. Together with modern spatial composition, use of highly recyclable sustainable Aluminium as features and barrier free design, a comfortable and harmonious library station is created.

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What if a bench is also a table? Fold is an interpretation to the question above, to fulfill multiple functions yet retain a simplistic and sturdy form to be used in the public. This piece of furniture is not much more than a piece of plywood folded back on itself at an angle. Yet, this simple manipulation creates another surface that can be used as a table, without sacrificing its unanimous form with extensions or appendages.

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It is a bench designed for open public spaces. The covers on it can rotate on their own axis. In this way, two different colors are used and the top surface of the bench becomes suitable for the use of a text or pattern. The top surface of the bench is a surface consisting of 7x27 circles. This surface provides a writing or drawing area for people to leave notes, draw figures and express their feelings, even if temporarily.

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Electric Scooter Charging Station

Duckt's first solution consists of a plug and play, docking device along with a connecting adapter that fits all e-scooter models in the market today with charging stations that enable smart cities and businesses to better connect with the on-demand micro-mobility economy. Station has 3mm ASTM-C Low Carbon steel body and Class II powder coating with stainless steel locking and charging mechanism.

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Flexion is a design which add a different identity to the bench design with an innovative touch to the city, with an approach that reflects the people and lives it contains. The surfaces of the design are shaped with a metal structure and covered with Corian material as it is accepted as a durable and stylish use that provides hygienic uses in living spaces with its structure that gives personality to the environment. The Corian surfaces will be painted with the desired color in a way that reflects like a mirror and it is designed to seat at least two people.

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Walk DVRC Street Basket

Walk DVRC is a pedestrianization plan to turn 1 km of Des Voeux Road Central in downtown Hong Kong into a park. The area is filled with banks, offices, and shops but the sidewalk is over congested to allow a sustainable and walkable downtown. The project called for a partial pedestrianization so that retail businesses can still deliver their goods during off peak hours. During peak hours, office workers and residents can enjoy the wider road as part of their park and walkway.

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