Shield of Poseidon Pendant

Jewelry Design Focus: Shield of Poseidon Pendant

A Good Jewelry design example, the Shield of Poseidon is a creative Pendant design. Shield of Poseidon was designed in 2011, and here is a how it is described by its designer: When Poseidon was defeated in his last battle, the pendant fall from his n <Cropped>

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Vote For Your Favourite Green Product and Win a Prize

Our Jury Selected The Green Product Award and The Green Concept Award Winners. Now We Are Looking For Your Choice and Want to See Who Wins The Green Product Audience Award. You Can Decide!

Our jury selected the green product award and the green concept award winners. now we are looking for your choice and want to see who wins the green product audience award. you can decide!.

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Residential Space/Multi Level by Hua Cheng & Hsian-li Lo

Hua Cheng & Hsian-li Lo Portrays The Transition Luminos View Residential Space/Multi Level

Hua Cheng & Hsian-Li Lo , the lead designer of the awarded work Residential Space / Multi Level by Hua Cheng & Hsian-Li Lo demonstrates, The staircase constitutes an unassuming vertical axis, a strong spatial support that connects open space <Cropped>

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Cycling Bottle Printed With Decotype by Stefan Plath

Stefan Plath Shares The "krones Bicycle Bottle" Cycling Bottle Printed With Decotype

Stefan Plath, the architect of the award winning project Stefan Plath's "Krones bicycle bottle" Cycling bottle printed with DecoType says, Cycling bottle printed with DecoType. Robust, washable, squeezable – actually a perfect bottle <Cropped>

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Functional Kitchen and Serving Ware by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Seasons Functional Kitchen and Serving Ware

The thinktank behind the highlighted design Acclaimed Designer's seasons Functional kitchen and serving ware explains, “seasons” is an interpretation of functional kitchen and serving ware, inspired by nature and technology, through the cul <Cropped>

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Award Winning Nouveau Tudor Dinnerware

Khadine Khan-Parkinson Demonstrates The Nouveau Tudor Dinnerware

Khadine Khan-Parkinson, the author of the highlighted project Award Winning Nouveau Tudor Dinnerware says, A modern monochrome set inspired by elements of Tudor architecture and created by combining traditional making techniques with new desktop man <Cropped>

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Sagano by Alice Minkina

Alice Minkina Creates The Sagano Chair and Lamps

Alice Minkina, the architect of the awarded project Alice Minkina's Sagano Chair and lamps explicates, Sagano bamboo furniture is a new method eco-friendly furniture for the home made of bamboo veneer. Its uniqueness is a technology of the produ <Cropped>

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Mediadevil Artisanpouch Packaging Design-Accessory Packaging by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Mediadevil Artisanpouch Packaging Design Accessory Packaging

The lead designer of the highlighted project Accessory Packaging:MediaDevil Artisanpouch Packaging Design by Acclaimed Designer explicates, The Artisanpouch has been designed economically in regards to both its design and manufacturing. The packaging <Cropped>

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James Grannan's Ocean Bottle

James Grannan Discloses The Ocean Bottle

James Grannan, the maker of the awarded work Award Winning Ocean Bottle says, The asymmetry of this bottle makes it unique. In positioning the neck, the designer creates the appearance of a globe on its angled axis. The base is small and reinforces t <Cropped>

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Falmec Life Inspired

Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutionsnew Product Design Contest On Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutions. For More Info: Https:// Contest Timeline Upload Phase: 11th Apr

Falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutionsNew product design contest on falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutions. for more info: contest timeline upload phase: 11t <Cropped>

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