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Convenience is a temporary lavatory which is incorporating urban sewage. It can be placed anywhere with a sewer line and manhole cover. Because of the unique appearance, the pass water will be discharged into sewage well directly by the urinal. And it can be self-cleaning on rainy days. The municipal apartment can remove the cover and put Convenience on the top of discharge. After setting it, workers can put the manhole cover in the groove which is between two urinals’ back. The grooved-putting cover can make the product balance during service time.

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SITy bench is designed as an alternative view to the use of traditional concrete as color, form and texture. SITy bench consists of a body, seating units and a 3D map. All parts will be made of concrete. By bringing a new look to the concrete seating units used in simple geometric forms and making a new design using colour, form and texture differences brings creativity to the foreground in this design. The map shows the bank's location and expects the user to understand it. During the usage period, the map will be subject to graphical and visual interventions of the users and will change.

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SSS Litter Bin

This project was initiated at 2017 Urban Design Festival, with theme of “Creating Better City Life Through Design”, a design campaign co-produced by Urban China Magazine and AssBook. Xu Zhifeng was invited as designer to renovate a small part - 20 litter bins on the Yuyuan Road, which enjoys everlasting reputation for its cultural and architecture beauty and value. After interview with the sanitation workers, Xu decided to keep only the same liners and ex-dimensions, create a whole new outlook by minimal material, details, signs and colors, max functions of the bin embed a smoking station.

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Topography 1

Located near a retail street West Palm Beach, this creates a featured amenity for visitors and locals alike. A sculptural seating piece made of laminated natural stone slabs acts to retain a rain garden managing storm water on site. The project drapes all native stone materials across the site to create a wave-like form. These stone slabs start from the plaza paving and sweeps upward to create the bench for people to sit. Visitors can sit in the shade of the canopy trees and view the integral art piece, or interact with the sculpture itself, finding ways to sit, stand, lie and climb.

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New cities offer and at the same time impose new ways of leaving daily life and urban spaces, therefore this system is able to merge seamlessly nature and city. This street furniture system combines the vase for plants and flowers with the bench, keeping the nature as the center focus. The seat of the benches is obtained with two planes inclined towards the center, where a recessed drainage channel brings rain water into the vase.

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Simplicity is the design philosophy of Sisu, it was designed to be simple in every aspect such as style and production. Whole product made of a single flowing surface, and a metal structure inside. This minimal bench created according to the modern way of thinking: Less is more. The goal is developing an emotional connection between people and product by redefining aesthetic of a street furniture.

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